What We Are

Taj Investment Group is a private holding company focused on acquiring companies and working with management to build value and hold the companies for the long term. Based in Fresno, California, we acquire companies headquartered in the United States with management teams that leverage our resources and experience to achieve operational improvement. We accelerate growth through marketing startegy and realize benefits through add-on acquisitions. We push our investments to achieve a leading market position.

Our principals and senior management possess significant backgrounds with marketing, manufactoring, the service industry and more. We understand the dynamics of acquiring companies and operating in their specific market. Emphasis is placed on planning and increasing value through organic growth.

Our Philosophy

We invest where we possess competitive advantages. We focus on acquiring assets on a value basis with a goal of maximizing return on capital. We build sustainable cash flows to provide certainty, reduce risk, and lower cost of capital. We recognize that superior returns often require unique thinking.
We Measure success over long term total return on capital. We seek profitability, rather than growth. Size does not necessarily add value. We encourage calculated risks and compare the returns with the risk. We sacrifice short term profit to achieve long term capital appreciation.
We build our businesses based on honesty and integrity in order to enhance or reputation. We attract and retain high caliber individuals who will grow with us over time. We ensure our people all think and act like owners in their decisions. We maintain an open exchange of information and strategies with all constituencies.

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